History of Pinball

Pinball has been alive for over a century with humble beginnings in a game called bagatelle to the 21st century version as we know it today. Progress and technology consume many things, the DVD replaced the video tape, MP3 players have seen the Walkman disappear and whatever happened to all those payphones that were everywhere before the mobile phone.

Pinball has had its ups and downs over the last 40 years but nevertheless they are still manufactured today. Most people will know someone who owns a Pinball or at the least a friend who knows someone that owns one. What is it about these machines that is so exciting and entertaining? Well, you may not know all the rules to a particular Pinball but the gist of the game is pretty easy to understand. Unlike the latest computer game that will take you a month to work out what is going on.

A few facts about us

For me, my earliest Pinball memory is at The Sylvania Bowling Alley, very close to where it is today. I have vague recollections of playing" Kiss" and many of the early electronic Pinballs that were prevalent at the time of the late 70's. And distinct memories of the old Putt Putt at Taren Point trying to master "Centaur".

Pinball People van

At 14 I received a "Flash" for Christmas and so began my first understanding of how a Pinball works inside. About 6 years later I started working in the Pinball business operating machines mainly throughout the Sutherland Shire. And today repairing the Pinballs in the gamesrooms of suburban homes.

The Pinball People was established in 1993 after beginning with Professional Amusements which was established 2 years earlier.

We specialise in Pinball service for the home enthusiast or the arcade/street operator.

The Pinball People are the Sydney service agent for a number of interstate Pinball Sellers including the Pinball Shed.