What Pinball People can do for you

Damaged pinball board

Don't let this happen to your Pinball board

If lugging that heavy Pinball to get repaired is not particularly appealing then let the Pinball People come to you. We service your Pinball at your home or garage or wherever in the Sydney Metro area (out of Sydney by arrangement). We carry an extensive range of spare parts which usually means we can get your Pinball up and running on the day.

We are happy to discuss estimates for repairs or work to be carried out on your Pinball.

If you are trying to find a Pinball part we may be able to assist in sourcing and supply. Our Pinball service van carries a large supply of spare parts.

If you have a commercial outlet or staff room and wish to site a Pinball for a long term/profit share arrangement, please contact us for more information. We are finding many social clubs at work places are able to gain substantial income over the year and recreation for employees. Pinballs have been an icon at Milk Bars for decades. Give your customers entertainment while they wait and you can make money as well.

The Pinball People also offers a select few Pinballs for Party hire. These Pinballs are meticulously maintained and will see your guests entertained for hours. Please enquire for details.